Instructor with studentAt Colorado Swim School, we believe that children are most successful in a consistent learning environment.  We encourage you to attend your regularly scheduled swim class as often as possible. However, we realize that families sometimes have unavoidable conflicts and cannot attend lessons. While we understand that illnesses cannot be predicted, please understand the spot has been reserved for your child and cannot be booked by another student with such short notice. Therefore, as a courtesy to our customers, we offer 1 make-up class per calendar month.  If your family is consistently missing more than one class per month, please let our customer service staff assist you in finding a time that better suits your needs.

  • To qualify for a make-up, you must let the front desk know in advance of your absence over the phone or in person.
  • Make-ups are based on availability and are not guaranteed.  
  • We do not guarantee the same teacher for your makeup class.
  • You may not receive any type of credit for a missed class.
  • The makeup class option expires 30 days following the absence.
  • You cannot schedule your makeup class more than 7 days in advance
  • You may not accumulate make-ups.
  • Make-ups cannot be rescheduled (you can’t make up a makeup).

Because adding an additional student in the class may disrupt the consistency and integrity of the class setting, we do not recommend makeup classes if your child:

  • Is still upset or anxious about any aspect of the swim lesson experience (strangers, noise, separation anxiety, water, submersions, etc)
  • Is sensitive to change (time, teacher, environment)

Because we are dealing with young children and water, it is imperative that the safety and quality of our swim lessons take priority over any scheduling needs.  Therefore, certain classes may not be available for make-ups.  Our Deck Managers and Aquatics Director will carefully consider the needs of the students, the teacher, and the class as a whole before determining if adding a student for a makeup is feasible.