Sometimes a child will need more individual attention for their swim instruction, and for those children, we offer private swimming lessons. These swim lessons are 30 minutes long and usually meet once per week, but we can meet more frequently. Children can receive individual private swim instruction not possible in a class setting. Private swim lessons offer a way to accelerate learning to swim for some children.

The cost is $80 per lesson. Private swimming lessons are set up at a time that is convenient for your schedule and when we have an available teacher. Private swim instruction is offered for an initial session of 8 classes. You will pay at the first of each month for the number of swim lessons you will take that month. We ask for a 30 day notice when you wish to stop swimming lessons.

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-private swim lessons are an option for a smaller group. They are comprised of 2 students and 1 teacher. The cost is $40 per child per swimming lesson. You must provide the 2 students, as we cannot guarantee that we would be able to find another student of same age and level that would want semi-private swim instruction at a time convenient for you. These are also offered with an initial 8 class block and thereafter, you will be charged for the number of semi-private swimming lessons that you will take in the month. We ask for a 30 day written notice when you wish to discontinue and if one child withdraws, we may not be able to offer semi-private swim lessons if we cannot find a child to fill the spot.

You can also view our Class Level Flow Chart.